“World Class” is a challenging name to live up to but over the 10+ years of managing our properties, Julie and team absolutely lived up to it.
As out of state property owners, there are numerous items to be looked after ongoing which can turn into worries and issues if not actively managed.  On this spectrum ranging from keeping the homes occupied with renters to ensuring renters every issue is resolved as quickly as possible, Julie and team score a 10 out of 10.  In this regard, World Class exhibits professionalism and exemplary communications in ensuring the properties and its occupants are looked after.
Above all, the most important element in our relationship with World Class has been “trust.”  For literally years, we have been completely at ease and confident knowing that Julie and her team were at the controls and always at the ready to care for our properties.
If you are searching for a property manager in the area, look no further than World Class.”

Owner John K.